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Let's start adding value.

We add value to companies through systematic brand innovation and brand management.

This is where it starts

Successful brands know themselves.

If you don’t know who you are and what you stand for, you don’t have a brand.
If you know who you are but don’t know how to express yourself, you have a weak brand.

A strong brand isn’t born without hard work. However, if you want to conquer people’s hearts, it’s work you need to do.

At Co-founders, we combine passion with experience to lay the foundations for braver brands. The result is clear, distinctive and consistent messaging.

Your brand isn't just a concept

It’s a she or a he.

Your company’s success depends on your brand’s ability to act human. By charming people you turn customers into enthusiastic followers and, eventually, into loyal friends.

This is how a mere venture turns into a profitable business.

Did you know

The operating profit of companies that have a clear brand-orientation is on average twice as big as the operating profit of companies that don't have one.

Our job is to create distinctiveness and consistency

This requires fixing fundamentals, finding the most suitable partners and leading them as one team. Together we will:

1. Generate
customer and
market insights
2. Create
the brand
3. Design
the brand
4. Bring
the brand alive
5. Bring
the brand alive
6. Measure
and adjust

We help you find the most profitable audience.


Customer segmentation
Positioning analysis
Customer behaviour analysis
Influencer analysis
Opportunity analysis

We help you state why you exist and what you stand for.


Brand position
Brand vision and mission
Brand values
Value proposition
Brand personality
Brand KPI setting

We help you document how the brand strategy is reflected in everything you do.


Product and service design
Brand guidelines
Design DNA
Communications strategy
User insight
Marketing strategy

We help you bring the brand alive internally.


Brand trainings
Spokesman’s brief
Branded processes
Branded work spaces

We help you express your personality across all touchpoints.


Bought media
Owned media
Earned media
Shared media
Retail spaces

We help you ensure the effectiveness of all activities.


Performance analysis
Suggestions for improving the performance

We are ready to help you succeed

Running an established business?

If you are a senior executive who runs an established B2B or B2C business, you probably not only already understand the value of precise brand positioning, but also know how to put a plan into action. Sometimes, however, more minds are better than one – that’s where we come in.

Partnering with you, we can help you take your business to the next level by crystallizing your brand strategy and designing a truly customer-centric brand experience through innovative products and outstanding communications.

About to kick-off something new?

If you are about to kick off a business that the world is lacking, strengthening your branding expertise ensures that your idea breaks through.

We offer a fresh model in venture capital and entrepreneurship. We join your company as a co-founder at the early stage and bring in our branding expertise. As we want to ensure future success, we only partner with a maximum of two start-ups at any time.

A passionate and experienced crew

It's a team effort

Passionate, cross-functional teams deliver the best results. We collaborate with a large network of talented researchers, creatives, architects, industrial designers, and service designers, meaning that no matter your industry, we can guarantee we will have a team at your side who is just as passionate as you are about what your company does. We are experts at choosing the right people for the job, who excel at working together towards the common goal of making your business boom.

Consistency is the key to branding. Our teams are skilled at creating consistency across the board, helping you and your company to express the true essence of what you do, who you are, and how you can give clients exactly what they want. In order to support consistency, we strongly believe in long, strategic partnerships. No great brands are built overnight, after all.


Ia has a passion for creating distinction. She has almost two decades of experience in branding, business development and design management. In recent years she has held top management positions in renowned consumer goods companies such as Kekkilä, Hasselfors Garden and Fiskars. Today she is a board member in several B2B and B2C companies.

Throughout her career, Ia has time and time again managed to unleash the true potential of the brand. She has mastered a very special way of turning strategy into reality by conducting open-minded exploration and experimentation.

At Kekkilä, Ia was responsible for the company’s brand and marketing through a period of growth in both brand awareness and value, while at the same time spearheading its expansion into new business areas. Her work turned a soil-producer into a player in the lifestyle field.

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At Fiskars, Ia played a significant role in transforming a kitchenware company into a fresh player. She led the creation of a new brand look and feel, the redesign of almost 100 SKUs and the development of innovative go-to market concepts, resulting in measurable commercial success.

When not helping companies reach their true potential, Ia can be found canoeing around the archipelago or writing poems in her red notebook. There is a page in it for your company, too.

Talk of the town

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Ia in a large variety of different product development and brand building projects. She has a great comprehension of real user needs, brand influence, aesthetics, and strategic design. By having this kind of 360-degree understanding her projects have had great impact.”

Antti Mäkelä, Co-founder and designer, Aivan Oy

“Ia masters a very special way of turning strategy into reality by conducting open-minded exploration and experimentation. Her absolute strength is ”thinking out of the box”. She also inspires the rest of us to do the same. Ia really gets things moving and is genuinely interested in making ideas cash in.”

Mikael Johansson, Business Unit Director, Kekkilä Oy

“I love to work with Ia because she understands the creative process so well. She sets clear goals for every project but doesn’t limit your imagination until she recognizes the business opportunity. Her way of managing creative people often results in great new innovations.”

Linda Bergroth, designer

“Ia is a strategically strong brand builder who possesses an international mind set and ambition level. She has delivered great commercial success by combining communications skills with product design know-how. A unique combination of creativity and business mind.”

Petri Toivanen, CEO, Jalo Helsinki Oy

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