About Us

We are passionate about painting the big picture.

In a complex world the need for clarity is paramount. Our mission is to help you understand the context in which you operate.

Co-Founders is run by us, two business leaders, Ia Adlercreutz and Max Mickelsson. We’ve lived through several organizational changes. We’ve had to lay people off as well as integrate whole new cultures into existing ones. On a daily level, we’ve led different teams consisting of many different nationalities. We’ve been part of both management teams and executive boards. We’ve seen successes and failures. We’ve both succeeded and failed as individuals.

After 20 years of experience in business we have created a framework that, we believe, can help leaders like ourselves to develop a company culture that is anchored in reality and has, at the same time, a powerful purpose that drives people to work every day. A meaning that allows the company to build a better tomorrow for us all.
Successful companies are distinctive, curious and resilient. They have a strong brand, a healthy company culture and a solid relationship with the surrounding world. These three domains can be explored and developed simultaneously only if the top management is fully on board and ready to roll up their sleeves. There are no short cuts ahead but hard work and tricky questions. We will make the trip rewarding.

Lastly, the world is changing in a fundamental way. From a linear economy we move towards a circular one. The human-centric approach is no longer valid. Companies need to think broader. This is why we base our work on a method we call LIFE-CENTRIC® leadership.

What’s up

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