Brand Strategy

Your brand isn’t just a concept. It’s a she or a he.

Your company’s success depends on your brand’s ability to act human. By charming people you turn customers into enthusiastic followers and, eventually, into loyal friends.

This is how a mere venture turns into a profitable business.

Our job is to create distinctiveness and consistency

This requires fixing fundamentals, finding the most suitable partners and leading them as one team. Together we will:

  1. Generate customer and market insights

    We help you find the most profitable audience.

    • Customer segmentation
    • Positioning analysis
    • Customer behaviour analysis
    • Influencer analysis
    • Opportunity analysis
  2. Create the brand strategy

    We help you state why you exist and what you stand for.

    • Brand position
    • Brand vision and mission
    • Brand values
    • Value proposition
    • Brand personality
    • Brand KPI setting
  3. Design the brand experience

    We help you document how the brand strategy is reflected in everything you do.

    • Product and service design
    • Brand guidelines
    • Design DNA
    • Communications strategy
    • User insight
    • Marketing strategy
  4. Bring the brand alive internally

    We help you bring the brand alive internally.

    • Brand trainings
    • Spokesman’s brief
    • Branded processes
    • Branded work spaces
  5. Bring the brand alive externally

    We help you express your personality across all touchpoints.

    • Bought media
    • Owned media
    • Earned media
    • Shared media
    • Retail spaces
  6. Measure performance and adjust

    We help you ensure the effectiveness of all activities.

    • Performance analysis
    • Suggestions for improving the performance

Did you know

The operating profit of companies that have a clear brand-orientation is on average twice as big as the operating profit of companies that don't have one.

Brand Strategy in a Nutshell

It’s time to define your purpose.

Brand strategy is about defining ways to become more relevant to those your company wants to serve. As Wally Olins, a pioneer in brand management, said, there are three questions that need to be answered when managing your brand:

“What are we?”, “What do we stand for? and “What do we want to become?” Olin’s also known for his belief that branding’s an organizing principle for practically everything a business does. We are happy to help you answer these pivotal questions and become more relevant to people.

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