Company Culture Strategy

“The C in CEO stands for culture.”

Culture drives your business, in both good and challenging times. The importance of culture is most visible in times of transformation. For example, when your business model is evolving, or when you’re faced with mergers and acquisitions or when your business is digitalising.

Our Job Is to Help You Build Your Desired Company Culture

This requires getting the context right, understanding employees, customers and stakeholders and building a company culture that supports your business. Together we will:

  1. Understand the Broad Context

    We help you discover the world around you

    • Analysis of the historical, societal, environmental and technological contexts in which the company operates.
  2. Identify the Individual Drivers

    We help you see near

    • Analysis of the existing company culture – the surprising truth about what motivates your people and what frustrates them.
  3. Create the Company Culture Strategy

    We allow you to become strategic

    • Company culture workshops
    • Company culture strategy with clear milestones
    • Communications and implementation plan
  4. Bring the Company Culture Strategy Alive

    We allow you to act upon the strategy

    • Company specific activities that bring the company culture strategy alive.
  5. Measure the Health of the Company Culture

    We help you improve continuously

    • Performance report – monitoring the impact of activities
    • Insights report for the executive board
    • Culture pulse – a tool for evaluating ongoing sentiments of the people

Did You Know

According to Deloitte survey, only 12% of executives believe their companies are driving the right culture.

Company Culture Strategy in Brief

Company culture strategy is about defining and strengthening the values that support your business. It is about creating a roadmap that allows you to turn those values into desired behaviours. Ultimately, your company culture will fuel the execution of your business strategy.

We can help you instill your core values in your employees.

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