Fuse your brand with culture.

Sustainable businesses are built of strong brands and healthy cultures. It is our mission to help you master these domains.

This Is Where We Are

The era of “business as usual” is over.

Companies are evaluated according to their positive contribution to the greater good. Shareholder value is no longer the main driver. Shared value, instead, is of growing importance. Businesses need to understand the context of history, culture, environment, economy, society and technology in order to be relevant to their audiences.

We can help you grow your contextual leadership intelligence.



We help you improve your brand and culture so that your strategies can fly.


In a complex world the need for clarity is paramount. It is important to clearly define your company’s worldview and understand the context in which you operate.


We believe in observing and listening. We believe in co-developing. Once there is enough meat around the bones, we analyse and synthesize. We fuse. Our methods are based on qualitative research and the Life-centric® Leadership Model.


Brand and culture fusion makes your operations more consistent and fluent. More efficient and more meaningful. This equals better business results.

Healthy culture + Healthy brand
= Healthy business

The Most Important Act of Leadership

Help your company breathe.

Company culture is about values and behaviours. Brand is about purpose and relevance. When we think of the relationship between company culture and brand, we like to describe culture as the oxygen and brand as the activity of breathing.

These two interact and are hard to separate. However, if there is no oxygen, it is impossible to breathe. This is why nurturing company culture is the most important act of leadership.

What’s up

William P. Barnett

September 9, 2019

In this podcast you will learn how you can encourage your co-workers to share their non-consensus ideas, the ideas that are risky.