Client views

Leif Frilund, President and CEO, Walki Group

"Jag tycker att Co-founders har en mycket stark och mångsidig förståelse för hur Walki fungerar och hur Walkis affärslogik fungerar och dom har igenom sitt arbete också blivit en del av vårt eget team. Co-founders har verkligen hjälpt mig och mina kolleger att förstå hur man leder brand, hur man utvecklar brand på ett verkligt djupt och professionellt sätt."

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Matti Hyytinen, Financial and Administrative Director, National Land Survey of Finland

"Olen ollut kyllä todella tyytyväinen siihen tapaan ajatella ”outside of the box” tätä meidän dilemmaa ja kytkeä siihen vahvasti eri sidosryhmät mukaan tähän ongelmanratkaisuun. Eli kysymyksessä ei ole pelkästään markkinointitemput, vaan aidosti halu ymmärtää varsinainen kipupiste ja ongelma yhdessä tässä tapauksessa meidän asiakkaan, mutta myös sidosryhmien kanssa."

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Tapio Pajuharju, CEO, Harvia

"We’ve been aware of Co-founders and we know that they have the skillset of almost McKinsey or Boston Consulting, but then they also have their feet on the ground, and they can work with our type of people and with the core members within the company – and that’s why we chose Co-founders."

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“What differentiates Co-founders is their holistic view and very deep approach to branding and concept creation. They have also good understanding of how to improve company culture. Their thinking is new, challenging and very professional.

If I were to recommend Co-founders, I would say just this: I don’t think you will find this kind of in-depth view on branding, company culture, future trends from another consultancy. I think they don’t have much competition at the end of the day.”

Leif Frilund, President and CEO, Walki Group

“Co-founders was asked to develop a concept that helps us to increase the attractiveness of the whole land surveying-field in the eyes of the young.

The strength of Co-founders as a partner lies in their ability to in a very holistic way understand different actors in our society. It was very inspiring to work with them and they really managed to get the whole team on board. By co-creating together, we managed to come up with some quite surprising solutions that we then developed further to concrete and scheduled actions.

Agility, a strategic mindset, and an understanding of how our society works and recognising the needs of our stakeholders are clearly some of Co-founders´ core strengths. ”

Matti Hyytinen, Financial and Administrative Director, National Land Survey of Finland

“We chose Co-founders as a partner in order to speed up the transition from having an engineering mindset to an end-customer mindset. We wanted to achieve this change in a systematic manner.

What I like about Co-founders is that they combine the top consultancies’ skillset with the ability to be close to the customer. Their approach is tailor-made. They really fine-tune the process. I witnessed an extremely good systematic approach throughout the project.

On top of that, Co-founders really took our core team members on board, and that made the execution much easier. The Co-founders team is very international, and they are very skilfull and experienced in their work.”

Tapio Pajuharju, CEO, Harvia


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