What it means

Ecosystem encompasses the relations between you and the surrounding world.

To be a thought leader and a catalyst for change, you must understand the wider context, define your role in it, and create a strategy that builds long-term value for your business and beyond.

Our Job Is to Help You Navigate the Ecosystem

  1. Understand the Ecosystem

    We help you identify risks and opportunities

    • A renewed framework of Pestel analysis
    • Sustainability analyses
  2. Position

    We help you build competitive advantage 

    • Your shared value story
    • Public affairs strategy
  3. Map

    We help you build your Circle of Influence

    • Mapping key influencers
    • Mapping potential partners
    • Circle of Influence (COI) profiles
  4. Build

    We help you find the right tools

    • Lobbying storyline
    • Building programs and action plans for restructuring of businesses
    • Coalitions and Support
    • Communications Plan
  5. Implement

    We help you manage your ecosystem relations

    • Town hall meetings (traditional, virtual and hybrid)
    • Actions to mitigate structural changes, including stakeholder relations
    • Campaign Management

Did You Know

Governments and regulators are second only to customers in their ability to affect the economic value of companies.


Challenges today

Today, the ecosystem for any organisation is shaped by policies and politics as well as technology and digitalisation, but also by the changing consumer behaviour and the strengthening stakeholder interest towards sustainability. The planetary boundaries, then, set the limits for the entire system.

How to tackle them

To help you understand the ecosystem, to build scenarios, and map opportunities we use a range of methods. In parallel, we can use our Lionhearts network, a group of next generation influencers, to bring their views and skills to benefit your business.

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