Arndt Pechstein

On How We Can Leverage Covid-19 As an Opportunity

Dr. Arndt Pechstein, is the founder of the consultancy phi360, chairman of the Biomimicry Academy, as well as agile coach and change consultant working with corporates and SMEs across all sectors. He holds a PhD in neuroscience and has specialist backgrounds in biomimicry, design thinking, agile thinking and digital business models. Arndt is also a member of the Advisory Board of Co-founders.

In this episode Arndt will tell us about the four approaches of Hybrid Thinking. He will reveal how a hybrid mindset allows us to combine digital complexities and biological systems and turn them into future-proof organizations and innovations. We will dive into concepts like biomimicry, resilience and self-organizations.

As Arndt points out: “The ongoing Covid-19 crisis reveals how vulnerable our organizations and society are. A major shift in mindset and systems setup is required to future-proof humanity.”