Rumman Chowdhury

On Ethical AI and Company Culture

As a leader you have probably explored the potential impact of artificial intelligence on your business. You might have been thinking about opportunities as well as the potential disruption it might bring to the industry you are working in. It is, naturally, not only a question about the opportunities this brings, but also a question of taking into account the new ethical issues that emerge, issues that you as a leader need to mitigate when developing your business.

Rumman Chowdhury’s passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity. She holds degrees in quantitative social science and has been a practicing data scientist and AI developer since 2013. She is currently the Global Lead for Responsible AI at Accenture Applied Intelligence, where she works with C-suite clients to create cutting-edge technical solutions for ethical, explainable and transparent AI.

We had the opportunity to interview Rumman in San Fransisco. Learn about her thoughtful approach to the future and the opportunities around artificial intelligence from this podcast.