Public Affairs Strategy

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

– Pericles

Businesses operate in a highly complex world. Understanding the political and societal context and actively influencing political decision making is a must for your business to be in the vanguard.

Our Job Is to Help You to Navigate in a Complex World

  1. Understand Political Risks and Opportunities

    We help you identify risks and opportunities

    • Risk analysis; political and reputational risks
    • Opportunity analysis; corporate social responsibility
  2. Define

    We help you build competitive advantage 

    • Your shared value story
    • Public affairs strategy
  3. Map the Circle of Influence

    We help you build your Circle of Influence

    • Mapping key influencers
    • Mapping potential partners
    • Circle of Influence (COI) profiles
  4. Evaluate Tools and Build a Strategy

    We help you find the right tools

    • Lobbying storyline
    • Coalitions and Support
    • Communications Plan
  5. Implement the Strategy

    We help you manage your public affairs campaign

    • Campaign Plan
    • Campaign Management

Did You Know

Governments and regulators are second only to customers in their ability to affect the economic value of companies.

Public Affairs Strategy in Brief

It’s time to manage change.

Established businesses may not always recognise disruptors that challenge the rules and the regulatory environment. New challengers, on the other hand, may not know how to navigate the regulatory landscape when entering the market.

When your business needs to transform and reorganize, we can support you in building strategies and in co-operating with the authorities. Additionally, we can help you to communicate about these transformations successfully.

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