Additional Q&A: Artful Leaders in Times of Transition (1st edition, Company Culture)

This is an additional Q&A session for the Artful Leaders in Times of Transition event hosted on 26 January 2021. Together with two of our guest speakers, Jennifer Howard-Grenville and Alastair Creamer, we respond to the following questions:

– To what extent does national culture affect company culture?

– How do we make the best of our collaborations when working with organisations that have different cultures than our own?

– How long does cultural transformation take to implement and when can you expect the first signs of change?

– How does culture shift when everyone is working remotely and what should you pay attention to?

– What should you do when people in your team don’t “fit in”, for instance if their behaviour affects negatively the overall company culture?



Alexandra Marila, Strategist, Brand and Culture, Co-founders


Guest speakers

Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Diageo Professor in Organisation Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School

Alastair Creamer, Director, Creamer & Co.

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